Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Last Dinosaur


My family is in town.

I spent some time with them today, at a hotel somewhere in the middle of the city. I could barely manage the time, because there are loads of work that still needs to be done.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only concerned about work. But that's another story, for a tell-all book that would wrap up this trilogy I have inside my head.

I took leave for today and Monday, in the hopes of recalibrating my workload and regroup, mentally. These past six months have been wrought with constant change, just not in the way I want.

My family being here is also putting my stress levels through the roof. I find no enjoyment from family. I don't believe families are necessary and I find it hard to understand why humans want to imitate viruses.

I had an argument with a teacher, once, about the polural form of viruses. She said it was virii, and I said it was viruses because going by her logic, it would mean that the plural for buses would be bi, throwing the meaning of the word bisexual as someone who likes to fuck buses.

Coming from a family of teachers, I know about the Malaysian Education System more than the average Malaysia. I found out that we are adopting the failed American system, with none of the things that work.

Nowadays, students are assigned 'bands' which are skill sets. You progress by showing you can fulfill certain skills as defined by 'bands'.

The problem is, some schools might lie, saying "Oh yes, our students can read Shakespeare or Shaxbird or some shit." when in reality, those kids might not even be able to spell 'chicken' as anything other than 'KFC'.

At its heart, the band system should wean students off the convoluted and outdated exam system, the British curriculum, which is Latin for 'chariot horse' because students race to see who scores higher to get into pole position.

I've often believed that those who score in the bottom 2 percent should be shot or chemically castrated, so as not to spoil the gene pool with such inferior minds. I deal with idiocy everyday, especially at queues because some monkeys have yet to learn that society and the social contract breaks down when you become selfish and a burden to others.

I have refused to allow idiots get in my way, but I am sensing that even our top people enable idiocy so as to ensure political victory.

I have no faith in the future, with the economy, education and society developing as it is. I also find Malaysians turning into a spoiled, namby-pamby nation of howler monkeys. But that's just me, the old man, the last dinosaur.

I hope, in the next few months, to secure a change of environment because I feel the current one has become mean-spirited, cold and bleak.