Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flu Fighter: There Is Nothing Left To Lose

I woke up, boosted myself with as much vitamin C as I could, pumped up the multi-vitamins, and went to work.

My head felt like it was wrapped in a towel and I just don't give a fuck anymore.

I still managed to do all my tasks, on time and as well as I could. I still honour my work. However, I would be lying if I say that I didn't think of just lying down on a bed somewhere and just give myself an overdose of morphine.

Got an SMS about an assignment at 8pm. There was no one else, so I went to The Curve, packing a 7D and a 9mm semi-automatic.

Met Amir Muhammad who said, "It is better to do something you love than do something else that would get you to spend time doing something you love." And also, "Time is wealth" or some shit.

Went to the assignment, did my shit and went for dinner. I had some soupy stuff cause I could feel the fever getting stronger. Also bought some vitamin C and zinc, cause Neil Gaiman wrote about a character who said his aunt swore on vitamin C and zinc. And also that 'appointments are only by telephone' or some other such nonsense.

I went home around 11pm, feeling shitty as the fever got higher. The Guardian pharmacy at The Curve closes its prescription thing at 7pm, so fuck that shit. I know I need Clarinase or Actifed, but I think I'll get it tomorrow, if I am strong enough to get out of bed.

I know enough of pharmaceuticals to self-medicate. If I go to the clinic tomorrow, the doctors will only give me Actifed, Mucosolvan, maybe Difflam and also Benadryl. Rather, Bena-expectorant - the generic version of Benadryl. I'll also get Bactrim - an antibiotics which treats upper-respiratory tract bacteria. Some overzealous doctors might prescribe flagyl, an antibiotic which treats vaginal bacteria.

All of this are stupid, because flus are caused by rhinoviruses. Yep. Viruses. Antibiotics - something to kill bacteria - would only be for my swollen and possibly infected throat.

But that's just medication for my body. What about my soul? I burned out months ago.

Ah, small matter. I have already put into place certain ideas and things that will grow and the gears will turn, in an unstoppable revolution. Pretty soon, I'll be off on another HIGH ADVENTURE.

By Crom, I shall carve my own kingdom with my two hands and wear my crown upon a troubled brow. I have some time, and I don't give a flying fuck.