Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Readings Somewhere in CM

Tonight, I went for the KL launch of Readings from Readings 2 - a short story compilation of some pieces read at the Readings series which is now being held at Seksan's.

Seksan's is a gallery of sorts somewhere near Lucky Garden, Bangsar. I would suggest Special Branch officers to go there and spy on rogue elements of society and what they do - read and write, mostly, with the occasional poet rhyming now and then.

My piece, Scenes of the Father - perhaps the only piece I ever read in the event series - is included in the collection. I wrote it because I - as always - foolishly said yes to anything ever offered to me, except drugs and anal sex.

The piece is about growing up with my weird family. All families and everyone is weird, but I guess my childhood can be a bit strange, at times.

Anyway, I went there with my sister and read a sample of the piece. I found myself  surprisingly nervous, even amidst a crowd who mostly have read my writing and haven't thrown any rotten eggs at me so far.

Three girls even came up to me at the end, and I told them to add me on Facebook.

Now I'm back home, too tired to do more. And tomorrow is another day, filled with twists and turns in the corporate world I'm living in right now.

One day, maybe next year, I will finish my novel, hopefully novels. One of them, I plan to write in the style I did with the piece in the collection.

For now, it's back to my day job and my commitments on some creative outside projects.

I think I'd need to take some days off, after I delegate a lot of the stuff I am taking care of personally.