Sunday, May 13, 2012

People and Their Little Dramas

I begin to tire of insignificant people and their dramas. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I was tired of little people and their dramas 32 years ago, when I was born.

I mean, there are people with not enough food, or who got raped by their parents, live in a war-torn country where they could die at any minute or some shit like that, and that, to me, is real drama.

Feeling oppressed when you are set to inherit a RM3 million house, just because your neighbour believes you are a fake, phoney, soulless motherfucker is NOT drama. It's not even a problem. That's just bullshit.

But I digress. I, too, have little dramas I am handling right now. Of paramount concern is the state of my father's health. My other siblings - whom I shall call The Others - took him to the hospital and he came away with five new medications. That's around 32 pills he is taking daily, or more.

The systems in his body are weakening. He also has an affliction which targets blood vessels all over his body. His immune system is down and he can't be advised to not bathe so much as that activity can expose him to more bacteria.

I have always been a fan of medical dramas and medical textbooks. When I first read wikipedia, my focus was largely medicine.

I still read wikipedia four hours a day, and these days, I focus on figuring out what the doctor is trying to do. The Others don't ask the kind of questions that would reveal any medical insight. Sadly, some people regard modern medicine as some sort of advanced magic bullshit.

So my little drama is that - worrying.

However, I am also thankful. My father can still talk and walk. Around 31 years ago, doctors told him he had six months to live. He defied all odds and managed to spend over three decades with us. The things he was not supposed to do - gardening, for instance - has kept him healthy. Of course, when I say 'gardening', I really meant farming.

We have an acre of land - a third of it swamp - and it is extremely fertile. People say my father has a green thumb, because whatever he plants grow big and strong.

They think it's some sort of magic, when I can tell you that the 'secret' is just backbreaking hard work. People like fast tips, or believe there are elegant solutions to things. My father's approach was just pure, stubborn hard work.

When people tried to intimidate me with hard work, I just go straight at it and do everything. I don't give a shit. Why? Because I know that with just a little bit of hard work, I can tell everyone to fuck off and die.

They say Malays are lazy. I say everyone is lazy. And scared. They always have an excuse for not doing something or why they didn't do it well. I just don't give a flying fuck. I mean, the worst that could happen is you fail.


I have seen everything I wanted to see, and I have done everything I ever wanted to do. The only thing left for me is to shove it down your fucking throats.