Saturday, May 19, 2012

Knowing is Half the Battle

I joined my company's weight-loss programme in order to have more women suck my dick.

It's a free and easy kind of programme where I can do whatever the fuck I want. Winner (based on weight-loss percentage) will win RM3,000 and an iPad2.

Since the weigh-in (two days ago), I have been researching on high-protein diets. Two-three years ago, I went on a high-fibre diet which got me to lose 12kg in three months. I want to get it to the next level, so I am researching high-protein diet such as the Dukan diet.

First, the risks - a cursory glance shows that high-protein diets have risks such as kidney failure, mood-swings and even cancer. This is because why human bowels love meat, our kidneys and other organs might fail if we only eat meat.

The reason is this dangerous metabolic state - ketosis - when our bodies burn fat instead of glucose (sugar) for energy. This causes the build-up of ketones which can result in organ failure, gout, kidney stones and destroy your kidneys.

Popular fad diets such as the Dukan diet promotes high-protein intake, and in the first 'attack stage' even excludes fruits and vegetables. This could be dangerous in the long run, but could theoretically be very effective in the short-term. If you go on the Dukan diet for a year or so, you might suffer some health problems.

Although it must be said that no proper research has concluded anything yet.

For me, I believe that the needs for every person is different as we all have different body types. I will stick with what has worked for me so well in the past - a high-fibre diet with lots of oats and muesli and psyllium husk. Oats is also a source of carbs and I believe in moderation. I will not forego rice and carbs entirely, but watching what I eat and how much I eat - to eat consciously, as Eckhart Tolle puts it - will work for me.

My plan is simple - breakfast is psyllium husk + apple cider vinegar + honey. Lunch will be mostly protein with a bit of carbs (choice of carbs is also important) as well as lots of vegetables. Dinner will be oats and muesli.

And when I'm thin, I'll make fun of you fatties. Muahahaha!

The way I see it, fat people have mental problems. Stress, self-loathing, self-sabotage, a trauma in the past, living in denial, etc. Just like smokers.

Ah, but we'll get to smoking later. Let's keep our focus on weight-loss, shall we?