Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Workout!

I joined an initiative under NSTP called Kilos for Cash last week. It is a weight-loss challenge running for 100 days. Winner gets a cash prize and an iPad 2.

The first three days, I lost 3.8kg. After five days, I lost 5.8kg.

I was rather worried that this could kill me, so I asked doctors and the NSTP gym trainer about weight loss and they told me it's fine. This is just water I retained and as time goes on, I will find it more difficult to lose more weight, they say.

I'll take it.

And then comes a rush of people asking me what I did to lose that weight. Well, it has barely been a week, so the final results are not in yet, but I swear on a high-fibre diet.

My methods were consolidated three years ago, when I lost 12kg. Here's the menu:

For breakfast, I would go for muesli cereals, soy milk with no sugar, honey (the good stuff is from New Zealand). I follow that up with two tablespoons of psyllium husk and three glasses of water.

Lunch is normal - half portion of rice or wholemeal bread, lots of vegetables and a portion of protein (beef/chicken). I hate fish and mutton, so I don't take those.

Dinner is oatmeal followed by psyllium husk and more water.

Here's how you take psyllium husk:

Add two tablespoons into a glass, and then add whatever beverage you want. My recipe is two tablespoons of psyllium husk, plain water and honey, with apple cider vinegar.

Sometimes, as a treat, I fix myself a protein dinner, which is skinless chicken breast or lean meat with butterhead lettuce and a simple sauce. The sauce is important, so I got the low-calorie ones.

As mentioned in another post below, I do not believe in starving myself or going on risky fad diets as that could cause ketone build-up.

Now here's my exercise plan:

I go between three-five times a week. Goal is to do one hour of cardio every time. First time I went, I could only manage 23 minutes. Second time, 35 minutes.

I believe by next week, I will be able to do an hour of cardio every working day.

I want to do weight training, but the machine at the office gym is broken and I do not believe it will be fixed or replaced soon. Therefore, I am researching on ways to get the same work out using dumbbells.

I'm an information man, so I like to load up on info before I embark on anything. Researching for this weight-loss programme has been fun.

Thankfully, I have also tapped into my meditation and breathing exercises I am practising to lower my blood pressure, in order to keep myself focused.

I am fortunate to not be easily tempted with food. I do not have a sweet tooth, and the high amounts of fibre I am taking is keeping me full. I rarely have cravings except for last night when I found a packet of instant noodles in the cupboard.

I love instant noodles! But that's all gone now.

Today, I am on watch for something, but I can go off for a couple of hours to the gym and also to get a massage. All that workout left me sore this week.

When I get thin, all you fat fucks can kiss my bony ass.