Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pain-Worshippers of Mars

Saw the last of Glee. The final few episodes also dealt with domestic abuse or people in abusive relationships.

Abuse can also be emotional or mental, not just physical. And while it has been some time since I saw a black eye on any of my friends, I still see patterns of abusive relationships everywhere.

As in any sado-masochist sexual relationships, the power is in the hands of of the one being abused. The abused can always walk away, lodge a police report or get some thugs to beat the abuser. But they usually don't. Why?

This goes back to self-loathing and a low self-esteem, which abusers take advantage of. They try very hard to ensure that insecurities and weaknesses are exploited to a maximum.

This is why, even though I understand how the ego works, I have never tried to manipulate anyone, because I believe manipulation as an abusive behaviour, and generally a douchebag move. Because I am so fucking great. And pure, and have lost 5.8kg so far. Maybe 7. I dunno, haven't gone on the scales yet.

So, if you are in an abusive relationship, run, bitch, run! And never come back.