Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bad News

So I went to UMMC for my follow up and a check at the results of my MRI. After more than five hours of grueling waiting in a system that barely works, I didn't get to see my previous attending physician and I also did not get the news I wanted.

Instead, I was told of some rather bad news concerning my health and my heart. This means I am on new medication in addition to whatever I have now for the next six months.

This new medication requires I don't change whatever diet I will be on as soon as I start. It is extremely sensitive to multiple types of food and reacts with certain things that contain certain minerals.

What this means is I can never, ever, deviate from my diet plan. It means I can't go anywhere on earth where I can't replicate what I eat every day. This rules out any travel plans for the next six months, including going back home to Kuantan.

I can't have cheat days, I can't have people bringing me food, I can't eat out without doing the math and balancing whatever I eat. Well, basically what I'm doing already, but firmly, for the next six months or so.

I need to go to the lab every week and have my blood tested.

This is what I have to do. The alternative is death. Or worse. Seriously, but not THAT seriously. These are the things I'm dealing with right now - an extremely fragile balance in the numbers game of the chemicals in my body.

There are certain ratios that I need to balance and if it's too low, I might get a heart attack and die. Too high, I might damage my brain and die. Frankly, I'd rather face a firing squad.

So, I know what is happening. I know what I need to do and how to do it. I might not emerge from this alive or unscathed. So, in the event of my death in the next few weeks, here are my official last words: FUCK OFF AND DIE.