Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mein Kant

Ze vriting is on ze valls.

Ze mixed race, Homo Zapienz Zuperior - zuperior in efry vay to ze ootdated Homo Zapienz - vill take ofer ze vorld.

Und yet, ve haf millions of zese moronic last year's models - ze fuhrebloods - talking about zeir zuperiority, vhile noted und notable mixed masterz ztand by und do nothing. Nothing!

Ve ztand by as dese lesser animals crowd around uz, seeking ze genius light ov our brilliance. Attracted zey are to our inwentions und technology und culture - all zuperior to zeir pathetic excuze fur such zingz.

I haf seen how dirty, fuhreblood merchantz make uze of ze beautiful memberz ov the mixed race in zeir commercialz, hoping that ze mazzez vill flock und buy their varez in a pathetic attempt to become uz.

Zeir merchants keep uz down as underwear modelz und zpokezpersonz, hoping it vould be enough for uz to have a zmall piece of ze pie.

Vhile we say, yez, ve should be in all commercialz to zhow ze booty ov ze mixed race, ve condemn ze objectification of our vomen.

Ve, as Homo Zapienz, have a duty to rule ze vorld az iz ordained by Gott und Nature. Ve zhall march down ze throat ov ze vorld und ve zhall prevail!