Friday, August 6, 2010

The Tenth Dimension

Been reading up on Superstring Theory. Apparently, the world is made up of 10 dimensions.

We perceive maybe three or four, but there are certainly more.

Going forward, the whole purpose can be made useful by saying that what we think about, we bring about.

The collective consciousness has the capability of shaping the universe around them.

We can shape our world as we see fit.

Experiments have already shown that thoughts affect the formation of ice crystals and the direction of birds' flight patterns (birds have magnet-like sensors on their beaks to determine direction, as a simple way of looking at it).

Me? Whatever I think or feel about, I usually find. That's why it's very important to cultivate peace and joy. Cause miserable people tend to be miserable, and those who delude themselves that other people and things can 'make' them feel good or bad will continue to be affected profoundly by external forces.

And yet, I am still not responsible for anything that happens. Ice crystals are far from genuine depression. Though I do take responsibility for myself.