Friday, August 6, 2010

Girl in 60 Seconds

Here are the facts:

1. Girls only want one of three things - money, big dick or a ticket to heaven - or a combination of the above.

2. You can get a girl to suck your dick in 60 seconds by just combining all three in one ultimate pick-up line.

3. Here is the line:

"Hello, my name is Amir. After going through a tough period in my life peppered with alcoholism, drug abuse, spousal abuse, parental abuse, bestiality, pornography and general stupidity, I found my calling in sending old people to perform the Haj in Mecca. Last year, my company filed in tax returns of over 15 million. We could have made more, but my dick got stuck in the turbines of a Boeing 787-8 as I tried to save an old man from being sucked in. The propeller got ripped to shreds but my dick was unscathed. I had to pay for that damaged jet engine."

Instant blowjob!