Thursday, August 5, 2010

Secret of the Fleemasons

I am a GrandMaster of the order of Fleemasons.

When Pak Lah was in power, and I subsequently had to let go of my job, I called forth members of the order.

"The sacred oath we have all undertaken is now in effect. We must all now flee this country, and whenever possible, become masons or change our name to Mason or beget a son who will be named Mason."

I told them that. And helped them or supported them in their pursuit to flee. Because we're Fleemasons. Whenever there's trouble, we flee!

As my ship drew near - I got a second interview with the UN - something kept me here. I don't know why, or what.

It could have been my ageing parents. They were not the best parents in the world, especially dealing with a genius like me, but they did their best, and their heart were true.

It could have been a call of duty.

It could have been the opportunity to make movies.

I don't know.

For some reason, I chose to stay, breaking my Fleemason oath.

And like in that Aerosmith song, "We all choose a life to payyyyayyyyyy!!!"

Oh well. My secret order of Fleemasons will survive and get new members.