Friday, August 6, 2010


Every time I look in the mirror, I say,"Damn. Good job, God. Good job."

Not bad at all.

I mean, at the very least, I don't look like any of you retards.

Every time I think about myself, I say, "Man, God! You done the world a great service by making me so fucking smart!"

I mean, I'm not part of the intelligentsia in this country, cause I find the intelligentsia to be stupid. I mean, really, with all that 'smarts', how come you can't even come up with a good solution to everything? Like how to suck my dick properly.

Some people, upon reading the title of my articles, believe I want to be PART of a group. Part of the Intelligentsia. But if they had actually read my shit, they would just shit their pants and poke themselves in the eyes and say, "Liberati tu teme!"

I am beyond groups, motherfucker. I sometimes work in teams, but I am never part of anything or anyone.

I stand alone.

I have my own agenda, and I run a lonely race. I play games that only I understand.

I have never met anyone who understands the words, the words that come out of my mouth, much less the ideas that come out of my ass.

I don't BELONG anywhere, in any group. Fuck man, I'm Hand Solo.

The whole goal, the grail, is individualism through self, not through ego.

When I die, I die alone.

I guess the intelligentsia all die together, huddled around some stupid halogen lights, drinking pinot noir.

One day, somebody would have to kill me. They would not understand what the fuck it is they're seeing. After I'm through with this world, you would not recognise it.

I am so fucking cool cause I don't give a shit about being cool.