Sunday, August 8, 2010

Karmit the FrogToad Doll

Years ago. Years and years ago, I was betrayed.

I was extremely bitter at the time. Wallowing in angst and self-pity.

Then, came revenge, which was sweet for a while. Had some good laughs.

I will go to hell for my sins.

And then, came guilt. Guilt was the hardest shit to shake off.

I see some today, and the kind of scared existence they live in and I thought, "I didn't even have to do anything. Liars and betrayers of trust live in delusion and are much too stupid to achieve real happiness. I didn't have to do anything. I should not have done anything."

For a while, my own delusions made me believe it was because I cursed them, fitting into the superhero dementia. But no. Fuck-ups are just born to fuck up. There's nothing else to do but to just accept and allow them to fuck up.

Realising that freed me from guilt. I am not the center of the universe, and people's misery happened not because I wanted them to, or because I didn't do anything. Some things just happen. Especially to fucked-up motherfuckers, who know deep in their hearts that they will never find peace, happiness or fulfillment no matter what they do or have. And without that, you have nothing.

I say this, without hate or resentment. I've already had my fill of those things. And that path leads only to suffering.

If I don't like you, I will not waste my time hating you. I might do shit to kill you, if you are threatening my comic books or some shit. But life as a fucked-up sucker-loser is a much more painful punishment for people like that.

I do my bit to spread awareness anyway, even to those I don't like. Because I believe if everyone is aware of what they are doing, be real with themselves, there will be less stupid things in this world. That one day, everyone will wake up, to a peaceful tomorrow.