Monday, December 7, 2015

Updates on Boron - World's Most Boring Man

I got home from a DnD session (yep. that's Dungeons and Dragons, bitches) tonight, I took a two hour nap and now finding it difficult to go to sleep again. So, a quick update.

As we wind down 2015, I am still reeling from the effects of the heart attack I got in 2014. I lost a lot after the heart attack, and not just my weight. I had some prospects on some projects I had to let go. It meant a massive setback in my projected earnings. I was not going to earn the money I thought I would.

I believed, naively, before the heart attack, that I could do some stuff for a few years and then  retire. I lost that with my illness as I couldn't work like that anymore. I used to be able to grit my teeth and work till 5am, then wake up at 7am, ready for the next day of hard work.

That's probably one of the main reasons my heart gave out. That, and the smoking and the stress.

Nowadays, I find myself losing energy quickly. I feel tired after just a few hours of work and despite my exercise routines, I think I'm getting more lethargic.

Some people STILL try to parasite off me, which is a clear indication that they would simply laugh it off in smoky rooms as I died doing stuff for them, if they could get away with it.

Oh well. Fuck them.

I was lucky to have some people watching out for me and sent me real help and offered me real opportunities. The things I do today and in the future will be enough to satiate my needs. Though my days of Great Expectations are over, I am confident I can make ends meet and pay off my own debts as long as others don't screw me over.

I started doing things I want to do. I started a comics publishing company called Maple Comics. It is sustainable yet not profitable (we're not making money but we're not losing money either) and I'll continue doing it as long as it's fun. My day job at a newspaper is okay, for now.

I started playing DnD with some nerds and it has become the highlight of certain weeks. Doesn't require a lot of money and I am happy to be a Level 5 Bard who doesn't sing so much these days.

There is far less music in my life nowadays, but I don't mind the silence nor the peace that comes with it.