Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Intermission: Boron (World's Most Boring Man) Reflects

I just swallowed a painkiller I got earlier this year. Mild headache.

Yeah, so earlier this year, I called a doctor friend cause I was having headaches. He told me, "Get your ass to the hospital NOW."

I was on three types of blood-thinners - Warfarin (an anti-coagulant), Aspirin (anti-platelets) and Plavix (some sort of vein softener) - and the risk with any headache is a fucking brain hemorrhage. While on those three blood-thinners, dengue would have been a death sentence.

So I went and got my head CT-Scanned. Fortunately, no hemorrhaging.

I was on three types of blood-thinners because after the heart attack, the MRI discovered a blood clot floating in my heart. If it travelled to my brain, I would have had a a stroke and died, or worse.

I am no longer on Warfarin or Plavix. Warfarin is of course the more serious shit drug.

Today I also swam 600m, which is 100m more than my usual 500m. I feel good, but I am constantly reminded of my weakened heart because it doesn't feel normal anymore. This is the new normal - this constant straining in my chest and a soreness that would never ever go away.

What I had was a major heart attack. I was lucky to survive it and doing all I can to improve my quality of life. It's a continuous thing that I will have to choose to do all my life.

I'm pretty good at the gym. I could do my one-hour cardio and 200 crunches no problem.

What I'm still training is my temper. I have never noticed how much I get angry at people and how much I bottle that up inside. You see, people lie. I take each and every lie as an insult to my intelligence.

They constantly try to manipulate others, myself included. Motivation for their actions include laziness, greed or just a sadistic desire to feel superior. It's usually that last one.

I have learned, in the course of one year, to not comment or reveal that I know what they're doing. It is so fucking hard because I have one dangerous vice - monologuing.

I like to expose people's little schemes and scams. I like people to know that I know. That I have always known. This is my ego, of course. So the training for this year of 2015 was to shut up about it.

I would give myself a 90% score.