Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Today, I felt like Dr Who. I was taking a companion on a tour of humanity. The little games, the intense desires and truths and lies and things with molecular structure and this is my boomstick.

I have long past tired of humans and animals. Even plants. Truth be told, given the money, I would just work out every day beside a koi pond, with a yoga deck.

Something like this, but more modest

I have the perfect spot - it's beside my house at the kampung. I'll build a koi pond there, some day. On the side, there will be a wooden deck where I can install a cardio machine or just an empty space to do yoga.

I'd stay there, in that house, watching the koi, and one day I will die. I do not need or want anything else.

I see people with ambition and desire, and I always say good luck to them. I know that for me, nothing they want in life is anything I truly desire. I don't judge them for it - except for those who are animals. Those, I always judge because they choose to be animals - but I wish them well on their way.

The world has enough for everyone - as long as we do not breed like viruses and exhaust the resources - and I believe a quiet, often flooded place at the edge of the Malaysian peninsula is enough for me.

I mean, I'm already immortal - I got my own IMDB page (which is not entirely correct and will always be incomplete) - and I have done all I ever wanted to do in this life.

My daily issues are just that of survival and one day to be able to afford that koi pond. My focus has gotten more intense. I have no regard for any thing other than my goals.

Oh well. Here's my sonic screwdriver. Time to take a nap.