Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fight the Future

A friend asked recently about the future of this country. A pretty hefty topic for a light meal we were having, but I decided to answer him in full.

"We are all heading for destruction," I said. And I mean it. Not just for Malaysia, but for the world.

There is not enough space nor resources to accommodate the virus that is mankind.

"So where is this country heading?" he asked.

I gave a lengthy answer, but the truth is, and to put it in simpler terms - this country is heading where its people are heading.

Everything that makes a country - the social contract, the laws, the administration, the song, the culture, the flag - all of it were just because some years ago, a bunch of people got together and said, "Hey, let's live together and adhere to these rules. And have these things represent our group."

I've always seen all constructs - nation, race, religion - to be very flimsy agreements between a bunch of people. Do we have to follow all of them? Well, if we agreed to them, and continue to, we are honour-bound by our word - our promise - that things stay as they are.

Therefore, those who are lucky enough to be in control of the wealth or political power should find it in their best interest - in order to remain in control of said resources - that there is a fair distribution of wealth, and some degree of freedom that the majority accepts.

Otherwise, the majority - the basis of democracy - might decide to either not follow the contract put forth that makes this country, or make new rules. Or even take all the money for themselves, denying those who previously have the wealth to have any.

Everything requires balance, and this balance is extremely hard to come by. More so is a sembling of balance, but let's not digress.

One thing I find the majority of Malaysians don't understand is money. Much like energy, money can't be created or destroyed. Almost. There are exceptions, such as the US printing money on the basis that their dollar is strong. It's not that strong anymore, but they keep on printing it, I guess.

Money flows from one place to another. It is limited because scarcity is one of its traits, bla bla bla. I don't want to go to Form Four Basic Economics.

What I want to say is that the future of this or any country depends on its people. If the people work together and benefit each other, there will be much money to be made. If we continue to be entitled toddlers who do not understand that there is a cost to everything and you can't run away from paying what is due, then we as a society are doomed to destruction.

I am writing by electric light. There is a cost to this electric energy, most probably coal or diesel. I am writing on a table. It's wooden, meaning at some point, a tree was cut so it could be made. The lorry that carried that piece of log to the furniture factory was paid.

Everything is connected, and everything has a cost. That movie you just downloaded - somebody paid for the production design, for the crew to haul equipment and operate them. Somebody wrote a stupid script for porn actors who mouthed the lines while sucking cock or nipples. And he/she got paid for it.

I just threw some tissue paper into a wastebasket. Tomorrow, someone will come and collect the trash I will put in the rubbish bin outside my apartment. There is a cost to that garbage man and his garbage truck, and the landfill he will take the trash to.

The roads you travel on - somebody paid for the bitumen or asphalt to be hauled. And they paid for the crew to set it there.

These are our resources, this is our money, and it flows from one part to another. From one person to another.

I find a lot of Malaysians laugh at my face when I tell them the invisible things we have to pay. These are people who download pirated movies. People who avoid taxes. These people use everything everyone else paid for, but have the audacity to try and be cute and get away with not paying.

Sometimes, there are reasons. PTPTN, for instance. I had a huge problem with their customer service at one point. They acted as if they were monkeys yelling at other monkeys to pay up. I hated them for years, but my last official dealing with them was pleasant, and I am well on my way to finish paying the loan. I paid RM300 bucks a month for three or four years already, plus 5K three years ago. And I made sure it's by a monthly cheque, so I would have double paper trails should the dogs of PTPTN who hounded me over the phone years ago decided to try and steal my money by claiming I never paid them.

My bank advised me to use monthly cheques, paying them 5 bucks a month so I would have this security of double paper trails. If there are liars and douchebags in PTPTN - whom I encountered over the phone years ago - I am ready for them.

I pay my PTPTN loan because I understand and accept that if I don't, the generation after me might have problems funding their increasingly expensive education. The MoE or Government can't conjure money out of thin air.

I don't have money currently and the only thing I can do is abide by the rules I agree to. I refuse to be a monkey, and this is the only way I know on how to avert total destruction.

I queue up. I do not vandalise public property - okay, I litter a bit. I pay for what I can, and what I should. I refuse to be part of an entitled generation. As if the world owes me a living. And I'm not talking about Gen Y. The Baby Boomers are the ones largely responsible for an entitled mentality. That things should come free. That money should drop down from the sky and wipe their asses.

My only worry is that these days, I find myself to be the ONLY mature and responsible adult in Malaysia. Everyone else wants to be kids. Some of them want to be monkeys. Racist, stupid, irresponsible, fucking bullshit monkeys.

I'm not just talking about politicians and people in control of power and/or wealth - they are all evil monkeys. I'm also putting responsibility on the group of people who made this all possible - you. You who have created a stupid, superstitious, unscientific, egotistical monkey society. You who have cut queues, both figuratively and literally. You who have no problems calling everyone else racist but have yet to realise your own racism. You who pretend to be good and pious, but in essence are less honourable than a prostitute fucking a dog. And what's wrong with fucking a dog? It's non-consensual, bitch!

You have no fucking idea how many stupid fucking monkeys come up to me and judge me with their stupid little monkey brains that I am exactly like them. With the exact same insecurities and fears. They think the little tricks they do is enough to fool me or anyone else for that matter. It is extremely insulting and condescending for them to think that their stupid little monkey tricks are bulletproof when they're as transparent as a hooker's nylon panties.

I do not hate you idiots. Nor do I love you. I don't care. I have stopped caring when I was eight years old and realised I was in a swamp and that the whole world is a swamp.

And thus, I believe that the future for Malaysia is one of wanton destruction and murder. Blood will flow freely on the streets. Monkey blood. I hope I'd have died long before then.