Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guts and Glory


Last week, I felt a sharp burn in my gut which left me rolling on the floor, not laughing at all.

So I went to a clinic where a doctor diagnosed me with gastritis. I have never had this condition before. I thought my guts were made of iron because I could eat the hottest things on the planet and still be unaffected. I ate the Naga Jolokia, South African chillis, and all the spices recorded by Asians.

Alas, my stomach is not immortal and this weekend saw me battling pain and drowsiness from all the meds I had to take.

Every time I was stressed out or even think about the word 'stress', I could feel a wash of acid descending on my stomach walls. I had to redo my breathing techniques and up my oats intake and swear off eating chilli until today.

It is yet another reminder that I will soon die. Thankfully, I did not grow old and ugly first.