Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Rock, Rumble, Receipts and Resumes

So, I was angry these past few months and I guess I wanted to write something more uplifting, especially after watching The Rock's speech on WWE's Royal Rumble.

Well, I guess not everything's bad. I am waiting for payment on some of my personal work. I hope they pay me before the end of January, because some have been delayed for so long. Try two years.The money couldn't come at a better time, though. I hope I get it soon.

I managed to hit deadlines for all personal projects, which is cool. Now I can tackle my novels. I have four lined up and, as an experiment, I would like to try and write all four at once.

The reason being I get bored easily. Jumping from one personal project to another with no deadlines that could affect other people is a good thing. However, I cannot be greedy or crazy. I know of one person who claims he has written 60 novels, but none of them were published. And I think he's got a few screws in his head loose.

Funny thing - when some people find out I write stuff, some often question me. Did you really write this or that movie? Did I write that? Which part? How about all of it, you stupid piece of shit? Yes, the good parts as well as the bad parts.

It was as if I was in a circus and these people are poking me - the circus animal.

I am not in the habit of publishing my entire resume on my website or even treat Facebook profiles seriously. I have nothing against people who do, like how I have nothing against Justin Bieber fans. And yes, I have done all those things I said I did. Because I'm not a liar like your mother. And you.

The problem is, my resume is now 4 pages long. I am a firm believer that resumes should be one page. I started off with one page, but it has grown. I know of people who have resumes over 20 pages long and though the number is impressive, I believe any CV more than a page long is superfluous, including mine.

I believe I need to do some editing on my resume.

This is due to the Author's bio behind books. I wonder what I should write there? Most authors write half a page of a paperback. Especially the best ones. My bios have been very short. This is because I believe there is no way a few hundred or a few thousand words can capture the essence of a person. Bios are meant tp be a bit of fun and a bit of insight to the person it is describing. Not a full CV, surely.

Nobody cares if you went on a 3-month course for some stupid shit thing. Who gives a fuck?

Ah, man. I got a breakfast meeting of sorts. I should get some sleep.