Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Destruction of the Imminent

Today, I took leave to meet some friends in preparation for some things. A few did not turn up today, but I had more than enough company.

Met some new people as well, these traditional Malays who did not believe my career path.

"How did you end up doing this or that?"

Well, I have some skill. Some glimmers of talent, but mostly it was truckloads of luck. Never discount luck and lose your head. I mean, I never conned anyone into thinking I could do what I could not. Always been truthful, either in success or failure.

I also used these past few weeks accumulating a lot of information. What I found is that different people have many different viewpoints on things, even if they saw exact same thing happen right in front of them. My curse is that I can see multiple opposing views of the same subject at the same time. I can see and agree multiple sides of an argument.

Some people call this intelligence, but it really bothers the shit out of political types who need to peg people into neat little boxes on an Excel sheet.

I'm not even a lalang or a flip-flopper. I am what you call a Chaotic Neutral. I am also exclusively on my side. And perhaps the only person in Malaysia honest enough to admit it.

Some say my honesty is stupid, but I have survived, even excelled at times with just being honest. Not being afraid of the truth means you don't have to give a fuck. I did the Peacekeeper jazz for years, but in the end, who the fuck cares, eh?

Just a bit more information and I'm good to go. But first, sleep.