Friday, August 6, 2010

That's Just Pillow Talk, Baby

What do people talk about after sex?

I always bring a book with me, so if I don't feel like talking, I can shove that down her mouth.

God forbid she wants to talk about the book I carry. Cause usually, it's a comic book.

Bitch: Hey, you read V for Vendetta? That is sooo cool.

Me: Oh Science! Your miniscule brain can't even hope to understand the surface of this great work of art. All the anarchic motifs, resonant themes, ironies, paradoxes, transient and transformational nature and whatnot as well as things with molecular structure and THIS IS MAH BOOMSTICK!

Bitch: Oh, wow. It's that deep? Like the movie?

Me: The movie?! The V for Vendetta movie by the Wachowski Sisters? That's IT!

So I took her face and got her to bite the curb.

Me: V for Vagina this, S for Stupid!


And I stomped her a few times, just to make sure.