Sunday, August 1, 2010

Round Twelve

I sit on my stool. Spit the mouthpiece out. Drink a few sips, spits most of it out, with some blood. My trainer speaks to me, giving me strategems and encouragement.

I couldn't see him.

"Cut me, Lou!"

I could sense his hesitation.

"Cut me! Fucking cut me!!"

A sharp pain on my puffed up eyelids.

I could see Lucifer's worried face.

I grinned at him. What use have I for the Devil's sympathy?

More water on my face.

The bell rings. Somebody shoves my mouthpiece in. I stand up and get a final rubdown from Lucifer.

I see the big, lumbering brute in front of me. His hands shaky, his legs unsteady.

Round Twelve, baby!

And may each of us pay the Devil his due.