Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Invisible Collage

I fancy myself a scientist.

I believe in the hypothesis that a business, organisation, group or individual can do whatever it/he/she/they want easier, if they have goodwill from the collective consciousness.

Any endeavour that has the backing of strong goodwill and positive thoughts are made easier.

Actions that are fueled by negativity and 'evil' wishes would simply beget more negativity.

This is why, I believe, that Dr M himself made and endorsed such awkward slogans such as 'Malaysia Boleh'.

It is to convince the extremely cynical and self-defeating Malaysians to be out there and do all they can. Driven, hopefully, with positive energy.

He said in interviews that he has not managed to change the negative mindset of Malaysians.

I believe that his methods were perhaps too direct, as an extension of the great man. But the intention was good, and the insight pure genius. He knew, I believe, of the power of the mind.

Now, back to collective consciousness. It is possible to be extremely negative and make lots of money. But the success can probably be hollow. There is always a need for more money, more success, to fill in holes, gaps in one's desire. It will never be enough.

Whenever I write with anger or hate as a driving emotion, later on, maybe a few years, months or weeks, I would look back at it with similar negativity, usually in the form of guilt. Or misplaced pride.

Pieces written when calm and peaceful, remind me of the nature of my mind while writing it.

When doing business or projects, the best results I experienced when my heart was honest and true, while experiencing joy and fun doing the physical actions.

Doing anything from pain or lethargy generates sub-par results.

That's only for individual influences. What about the collective?

In the coming months, I shall observe and document the results of endeavours and businesses with the backing of goodwill, and those done with hatred and spitefulness mixed into the mortar.