Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heavy Machine

Amir Hafizi hears the heavy metal thumpings approaching.

Giant metal robots piloted by idiot savants.

Seven of them. There's no way that a humanoid like Amir can hope to kill more than one giant robot with his bastard sword.

And yet he breathes in, shakes the blood and motor oil from his blade.

He runs, and he jumps, 50 feet in the air. Bringing his sword down, he could feel metal, wires, bone, flesh, blood and cooling fluid through the metal. The slash cuts the robot in two, right through the middle.

Almost at the crotch, the robot's flailing arms catches him in the ribs, breaking two.

There is hardly any time to catch his breath. Or find another sword - the one he holds is chipped.

One robot down. Six to go.

Amir grits his teeth and surges forward, shouting a battle cry.