Monday, August 2, 2010

A for Anarchy

The revolution is dead. Long live the revolution.

Sometimes, I believe I am the last of the anarchists. The last person to believe that it is possible to wrestle control of the media from those who pay for it, to the people who have no vested interest other than establishing their own justice and deciding for themselves how to govern their lives.

Information control is very powerful. It can galvanise people. Polarise people. Stir action or kill the roots of revolution.

My agenda - if I had any - is to get people off their apathetic asses and participate in deciding how to live their lives.

A lot of people say, "education", which is a cheap, lazy cop-out. A lot of people say, "election", which sucks cause of the limited participation opportunities.

Nope. The only way to live our lives is to have all the controls over it. To have the power and opportunity to change our environment as we see fit.

Make politicians obsolete by taking away their roles and responsibilities.

Any idiot should be given the opportunity to state his or her case. Media systems that are accessible to all. And allow the people to decide what news is important to them. What to trust, who to fight for, who to kill.

Will it be a better world? No. It will just be the same old world. But it is the only world I want to live in.

The revolution is dead. Long live the revolution.