Monday, August 2, 2010

A for Anarchy: Lies

Some politicians deserve respect. Most are useless fuckers.

It is a great lie that we should not mess with politicians or really, really rich people.

We made them, so we can unmake them. Politicians should be kissing our collective hairy asses.

What are rich people, if we don't buy their products? We gave them the money, so we can take it back.

Just a few well-placed rumours at the stock market, and you can halve some billionaire's value overnight. A concerted, concentrated effort, and they will go bankrupt. I am not scared of rich people. Neither should you.

Politicians, meanwhile, are nothing without our votes. Our support. Without us carrying them on our fucking shoulders, they would fall. Crumble. They would be nothing.

And yet, they lead us? They are beyond answering our questions?

Suck my dick.

With my evil integrated into my being, I can be Spider Jerusalem. When I get free, you're all fucked.