Monday, August 9, 2010

Barroom Bawls

I'm in a pub. Drinking.

I spoke to the bartender. Told her what happened. The spiritual realisations I had. The discoveries.

No one would believe the kind of insight I had. Most people are small-minded and shallow, judging things only from their own experiences and limited knowledge.

It is ultimately impossible to know anyone fully. Not even after 40 or 50 years. So how can anyone know me?

Only I know myself.

What I discovered, what I've realised, works for me and only for me. And I don't need validation from anyone other than myself.

But she understood. Or nodded when appropriate. So I shared the truths of the universe.

And now I'm playing blackjack.

I'm a gamblin', ramblin' man. Just for tonight.

My heart is full. My mind is clear. My very being resonates with clarity and peace.

And I got double aces. What more can I ask for?