Monday, October 5, 2009

Epic Illustrated

Hey kids! Uncle Amir is back with some new COMICS HISTORY!

Once upon a time, in a time long gone, Marvel Comics was not part of Disney. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, Marvel Comics did, indeed, publish naked titties.

Not like right now, when all titties are hidden behind spandex, leather or latex. Except in Icon. Hoo-boy.


That time, was dominated by a thing called Epic Illustrated. It was pre-Vertigo, in an era we shall call B.V.

Epic was published on the year I was born - 1980, and continued for around six years.

It featured the writings of Harlan Ellison, Michael Moorcock and the art of Rick Veitch, P Craig Russell, and lots of other talented, legendary, unforgettable, forgotten comics artists and writers.

Epic Illustrated was the 2000AD of the States. Marvel's EC Comics. It featured stories which showed, amongst other things, naked titties.

The amount of naked titties published in a civilisation shows how developed it is.

This, coming after 20 years of Seduction of the Innocent. That vile book that said comics had a great influence on kids, making them want to be pirates and string together bloated, gaseous corpses as a makeshift raft and travel to a ghostly, demonic black freighter.

Censorship, well, everything, actually, goes through certain stages.

Seduction of the Innocent was the verwirrung cycle for comics. The Comics Code Authority - self-censorship. Voluntary bondage.

A time of false, involuntary order.

Eventually, there was a backlash. Epic Illustrated. And then, ordnung.

The ultimate anarchy is not chaos, but voluntary order.

Children need to become teenagers in order to be adults. The metamorphosis is not complete without a stoic, ugly coccoon.

Resistance is futile.