Friday, April 15, 2016

The Malay Podcast

Aku dah mula buat podcast. It's in Malay. Here's the first one. It's not entirely a 'podcast', but it gets better.

 The second one is truer to form:


And here's the Soundcloud link: Click Here

 Third one uploaded last night:


And here's the SoundCloud Link: Klik Kat Sini

I've decided to do it in Malay so I would speak slower. I'm more comfortable talking in English so doing it in Malay slows down my speech and I could think before I say stuff.

If you're wondering what I use:

Mic: Some crappy mic I bought for 30 ringgit.

Recording Software: OBS (free!)

Pictures: Taken from Google Image search

Aaaand: Powerpoint.

I assemble the entire thing as a Powerpoint presentation. There is no script because I am actually reacting to the images I assembled earlier on Powerpoint. I'm just rambling as I see the photos appear as you do.

There's some minimal editing done with Windows Movie Maker (free!) and that's it.

Go and watch each one. Like and subscribe and share it. Or don't. I don't give a fuck.