Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fight the Future

I make fun of these namby pamby rich kids cause they'll never understand.

If they fail, they can always run back to their parents. "I'm broke. Boo fucking hoo, my life is miserable." And then their parents give them a million bucks or more.

I fail, and I die. I got nothing and no one - nowhere to fall back on. I use up all my money, I can probably go home to Kuantan for a few days. Then I'll get bored, go to the back, dig a hole and blow my brains out.

This is why I scramble. This is why I push. I know what's on the other end, and despite my own reservations and doubt, I am ALWAYS right.

One of my more privileged friends tried to tell me I'm all talk on the same week I did more things than he ever accomplished in his life. Does that make me better? No, he is in a better position because money is not a true factor for him. Not like oxygen or water.

These rich kids, they regurgitate what a generation of cartoons have been telling them - live your dream, go for your dreams, do what you love. And somehow, some way, things magically fall into place.

This is pure bullshit.

The reality is things will fall into place if you will it there. If you push, if you actually do it yourself.

Here's how I work. I set things up. I plant seeds. Years later, I see the fruition of that small spark. It always surprises me... that I am always right.

People run their mouths about me and years later I see them either still garbage or have become rubbish. Do I look like I give a fuck?

Been a great week. Started off with schadenfreude as I gleefully laughed and rubbed my hands at other people's misfortunes. Then came the grind. Met my deadline tonight. Have another one tomorrow. But that's tomorrow's story.

I have avoided burnout - barely - and right now I need to regulate my rest time.

And may everyone pay me the money they owe me.