Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Laughing Man

Man. I am sloshed.

The Laughing Man is from JD Salinger's shit thing. But no one gets the literary reference.

It was also referenced in Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow.

The Laughing Man is a hacker in Ghost in the Shell's Stand Alone Complex arc. Before Solid State Society and Individual Eleven.

Stand Alone Complex was about how certain events and occurrences which looked as if they are linked or linked to the same perpetrator or perpetrators, were actually stand alone incidences.

As an observer of social-dynamics and communal information flow as well as cultures, sub-cultures etc in a community, the topic appealed to me. Appeals to me.

I fancy myself as an anthropologist of sorts. A profiler. My greatest skill is perhaps communal empathy. I understand large groups of people as individuals and how that affects everything.

I would have done very well as a criminal profiler or marketing analyst, but my path has brought me to writing.

My intelligence is clearly demonstrated when I read the temperature of large numbers of people, see the weakpoints and strengths and then knowing when to apply the pressure and where.

This is an instinct I was born with. Something within me that allows me to read mass individuals interacting as a single organism.

One is all and all is one.

So my greatest skill is not writing. It's actually reading. Not communicating, but listening.

When an intelligent individual moves in a group, they tend to be less smart and observant.

There was a painting of a bunch of people wearing tribal masks and holding spears. The title of that painting is, "Behind the mask of tribal anonimity, courage reigns supreme."

When risk is shared by multiple individuals, the height of the perceived individual risk is decreased.

And they say I don't know my art. Hahaha.

The games that I play, no one has the capacity to understand. And if I were to try and explain it, I'd be in the loony bin.

My discovering spirituality is necessary to prevent me from going nuts.

I am smarter than most people. If I can't handle the things that come with that, I'd really be crazy.

I don't have an eidetic memory or iedetic memory. And yet the things I do recall has amazed mere mortals. I remember 70% of what I learned at school. Whatever I read, if I like it, stays with me.

I was extremely frustrated when I realised that people don't actually remember. Frustrated. And angry.

They're all fucking stupid. And they're all apes who move in groups because of their insecurities.

I stand alone, as The Laughing Man.