Tuesday, June 9, 2015


It's been 10 months since I had a break. Then the whole heart attack thing happened and I've been on a mission of recovery ever since. My father took a turn for the worse and is now very, very angry. My mother is not doing so well either.

I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Been running on fumes for the past year. I remember all the high hopes and broken promises and despair that led to my severe health crisis.

I'm not really angry at having a heart attack at 34. First of all, I have dropped 21kg and am now very thin and sexy. I can fuck half of KL if I wanted to, but I'm way too busy.

I could have done a half-assed job at work, but I just couldn't. I had to drive myself to the brink and the past few weeks, I've been stepping on the gas a bit too much. I'm doing it all alone, not like I have a bunch of slaves or anything. But this is a better way of doing it. Other people can't be trusted. Best to go at it alone for as much as you can.

And yet last weekend I felt re-energised with the comics thing. Maple Comics - the company I started with Roy - has published three titles in six months and is on track to release six to seven titles this year.

If I could choose to do just one thing, I'd love to do Maple Comics full time. We have total control over things and if there are fuck ups, it's ours. We own it, good and bad. We do not have to answer for other people's shit.

Last weekend, I was on the panel at Comics Arts Fest KL. I will be on the panel again for Cooler Lumpur this weekend.

After that, I'm going for a break. Taking some days off. I'll be back later. Hopefully rejuvenated and resurrected.