Friday, February 21, 2014

Balls to the Wall

I'm a straightforward person. I do not lie. I am not sneaky and if I ever feel the need to attack someone, I do it full frontal (with ample nudity).

However, I live in a world where a lot of people are afraid of confrontation or even being upfront. I live in a world of cowards.

I was one, until I was 17 and discovered my world was not as I thought it was. That underneath a facade of normalcy, things slithered and slimed their way into the empty heads of people.

I will always tell the truth. I tell you my intentions at the start of everything. With conviction. I tell you what I will do and then I do it. This is one of the reasons I am the Best in the World.

Other, lesser, inferior people, think they're being smart by jumping precariously from one risky thing to the other, avoiding confrontation and being straightforward because they all have no balls.

Meanwhile, I live by the sword and die by the sword. Cause you know why? The fuck I have to lose?

I have nothing. I am not rich. I don't have money, I'm not paying for any property or car. I don't have a wife or kids. If I die prematurely, I die alone. And that's how I fucking roll.

What the fuck do I have to lose? My reputation? As a what? I am the Best in the World not by reputation, but by fact. By hard work and by having and using the Greatest Mind of the 21st Century.

People won't like me? Sure, man. I'm sure everyone loves being lied to. And the adoration, the approval of people?

I became the Best in the World not because of you. I AM the Best IN SPITE of you. Despite ALL the bullshit all of you fuckers threw my way, I'm STILL standing here yelling fuck the free world.

I have done and accomplished more things in my 11 years of working than any and all of you have ever done or will ever do in ALL your lifetimes COMBINED. I am a multi-discipline prodigy, a renaissance man of the 21st Century. The greatest, the brightest motherfucker who ever fucked your mother.

Suck my dick while I'm pissing!