Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Mind is Maya

It's true.

The mind is maya. It is false. It constantly tries to trick you with incessant chatter. Expectations and worries.

Only thing you can do is to relax, accept it, and let it go. Nothing you can do about it anyway.

Gifted with such a brilliant mind, as well as the voice of my De-generation X, I deal with so much more shit than anyone else.

My mind crave puzzles. Always like that. I find answers. Solutions. When my puzzles are taken away from me, the ego, I get all restless.

There is a way to relax. And I am saying this for the benefit of fellow geniuses suffering from the same afflictions of the diseased mind.

Detach yourself. Your 'self' which you think is you, is not you. It is a blabbering regurgitator of stuff. Things.

What is real is simply there, in front of you. Approaching it without judgement or bias may be difficult, but acceptance and awareness of the delusional mind, the delusional ego, is one way - in my case the only way - of attaining peace.

The mind is maya. Hi, Maya.