Saturday, July 3, 2010

Superhero Complex: Booze, Broads and Brazil

I woke up, not feeling too good. I spent last night with two broads and a dick, talking about their problems. But then I remember that Brazil got knocked out of the World Cup.

Suddenly, the world doesn't seem so alien and unforgiving anymore.

For some reason, I attract people who want to talk about their problems, especially about relationship issues. So much so, that I got addicted. Five of my friends are going through terrible divorces, some with kids in tow.

Those are never pretty, and I have seen enough to know what to do. How to win. But most of the time, they do not consult me on how to win. They just want to listen, and I have to suppress my dick instincts and be a woman and just sit there and listen. I shut my mouth, as they go through their emotions and shit.

Some are really bad, man. Gambling addictions, drug abuse, alcoholism all thrown into abusive relationships. The amount of lying involved could fuel Government propaganda for years.

Sometimes, I just stand by and watch as lives are destroyed. I go home, and I just hate the fact that there's nothing I could do. Always a sucker for crying women.

And sometimes, sometimes I get thank you messages from those idiots whose lives are fucked up. Thanking me. For what? I could give no valid advice. I couldn't beat up people (without contacting specific people I do not want to contact. Let the bodies lie where they are). I couldn't save anyone.

Listening, I was just strapping myself to an iron maiden and turning on the heat.

But over the years, I have managed to suppress my superhero complex enough to focus only on what each case needs. It's not about me and my inability to do things which are not my responsibility to begin with.

I'm not a superhero. I can't cross the line. There are rules I play by. And if I am patient enough, things generally sort themselves out, without the involvement of my engorged ego.

And Brazil lost! Muahahaha!