Monday, July 12, 2010

The Mind Can Deceive You, But Your Heart Beats True

The mind is crazy. It is obsessive. It is paranoid, from millions of years of conditioning to survive. To eat, and to breed.

The mind is a flurry of activity. One time, a girl told me that she write because she needs to get the 'chattering monkeys' out of her head.

I laughed at that. Because I already considered myself a great writer, quite possibly the greatest.

Little did I realise that she was describing the insanity of the mind.

The constant need to win, the insatiable desire to be right.

Most of the evil that happens - backstabbings, real murders, and general cruelty stems from the mind, the flurry of thoughts and the emotion that comes with it.

My mind is trained to do a few things. One is solving puzzles. My mind is addicted to solving problems. It has never been enough.

Another thing about my mind is that it creates simulations and throws it to me. Thousands, perhaps millions of scenarios every day, coupled with my mind's craving for puzzles, along with my ego's constant role-playing actually gets me into cycles of problems.

In all this chaos, the only point that is reliable, is the light that comes from the heart.

Now, I have no heart, which is a role I play. So, the cavity that used to house my heart is the only portal to the Truth.

The only task is to isolate this aside from all the other streams of information and blinding viewpoints is to be still.

The mind constantly tries to drown you, overwhelm you with static. The result is an erratic representation of you in the real world. A knot of confused emotions and thoughts.

To access the Truth, one has to be still. Isolate the chatter of the mind. Don't resist it, simply accept it. And then, also listen to the heart. Not what it is saying, because any dialogue is controlled or fascilitated by the egoic mind. You need to kinda feel it. It's like being blind and feeling your way around for this thing that beats.

When you discover that, when you have found it, you need not be told that it is true. You just know.

And when you know, when you realise it, then you will accept it, and then there would be peace.