Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am planning to take some time off, before the great push.

Things are happening in my life. The company I work for and the company I own are both poised for greater things. There is nowhere to go but up.

It is harder now to assemble a team, cause a lot of my friends have left the country - some on my advice and support. But recently, I put the signal up and help came pouring in. I still got friends.

Assessing the situation and other issues, I believe that everything can be done. I sure as hell am going to have a go at it.

This would mean going into fourth gear. I haven't gone 100% yet. My full capacity is 300% at short bursts, before I puke blood. And gets hospitalised.

Been there, done that. The only difference this time around is that I am better equipped, mentally and spiritually, to deal with shit.

I amaze myself, sometimes. And I deserve whatever's coming my way. Good or bad. It's not that I have lived a life free of sin. It's not like I haven't destroyed people before. And it's not like I haven't done anything good either, I hope.

All I know is, I will walk my own path. I have always paved my own way, with the help of people who have always been there for me in my many incarnations. I also dedicate this to them.