Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vagabond: Heaven and Earth Shift+Ctrl+End

They say a journey is when you go for fuck-knows how far and then come back to where you start with fresh eyes. Or dick.

I feel like my journey is almost ending. One of my journeys. But I have no expectations. I know that as a vagabond, I am merely a transient. A grifter. The monk Wet Dream said, "I come with the wind, I go with the wind." as he gets carried away by the security in God of Cookery. Fuck, not many know my pop culture references. Well, fuck you.

Nothing lasts forever, and before I start something, I always envision how the end would be like.

You can't do anything if you're not prepared to lose everything. It's all or nothing, man. I go anywhere my feet and my ass bring me, and I have never compromised on whatever fuck values I stand for.

If I'm going for something, if something is a task that I need to fulfill, I will hack and slash anything that stands in my way. Fuck you. Fuck all-a-you who doubt me!

People think focus is when you sit down and furrow your brows. Fuck that shit. That's just an expression. Focus means that you do this, this whatever it is, and fuck everything else.

I don't believe in magic, in destiny, astrology, all that bullshit. I don't believe in the lies of men, gods, women, animals, plants, whatever the fuck.

But I have been shown many times that there are places for dreams to come true, and that all you need is to be present. Not DO present. BE present.

Never do bad things. Always do good, if not great shit.

For far too long, I have allowed other forces, other people, to dictate where I go and what I do. Fuck that shit, man.

I'm the best at what I do so stay the fuck out of my way.